Lee Ann Joins Wattpad… Again…

Just a quick announcement: I rejoined Wattpad. I used to have an account on there, but I wasn’t using it very often and I was too overwhelmed in my senior year of undergrad to write many short stories/fan fictions or read what my friends were posting, so I deleted it.

I figured it’s still a nice place to organize all of my short stories and fan fics though, so I made an account again! I’m also hoping to start writing a few one-shot fics soon in a few different fandoms, just to keep my creative muscles in shape. You can feel free to follow my Wattpad account here. Right now I’m working on posting a couple original short stories, plus my Dragon Age fan fiction from last year.

I’ll also be posting some of the same original short stories on here as well: Namely an old fantasy called A Woman’s Courage, which I wrote for a contest in 2014 (and lost), and one that I wrote for my final semester of undergrad last year. For those of you who attended the Senior Reading event last April, that’s the story I read an excerpt from. I’ll post the whole thing here and on Wattpad.

Please keep in mind that some of the fiction I’ll be sharing is 1-2 years old, and written before I finished my undergrad program and really learned how to edit, etc. It’s not great work but it’s not horrible either, and I like to see how far I’ve come since then! You can totally feel free to comment/critique/react/etc. to any of the stuff I post.

Happy reading, happy writing!


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