New Blog Feature: Diverse Book of the Month

Unfortunately, Open Ears, Open Minds book club on Goodreads is kind of a bust. This is partly my own fault (I didn’t really advertise it or talk about it with a lot of people — I just kind of invited friends on Goodreads and mentioned it in a brief blog post on here). I’m sure it’s also partially due to the fact that Goodreads is a clunky site, and even though many people use it to track their reading progress, not many people use it to actually write reviews or join book clubs. I don’t know of many successful book clubs on there, except perhaps Emma Watson’s — and even that has kind of fallen off the radar since it exploded in its first month. The truth is, Goodreads’s design isn’t very intuitive, and most people I know don’t even check their newsfeed on there.

Whether or not the other OEOM group members end up responding to this month’s discussion board, whether anyone votes in the next month’s pick (and let’s face it, it’s not looking like anyone will), I’m going to start something new on this blog: diverse book reviews!

There are plenty of books by authors of all backgrounds that I’ve been hoping to read. I was going to use OEOM as motivation to read them all and talk about them with others, but that’s not working. So instead, starting April 1, here on this blog I’ll be writing book reviews of titles written for/by/about minorities, from fiction to nonfiction. I’ll try to keep the reviews short and sweet, with a summary, a list of pros and cons/strengths and weaknesses, trigger warnings, and maybe a paragraph about my personal reaction to the book.

This is something I’ve hoped to do for a time anyway, and I’m excited about it! I’m sad, of course, that OEOM will probably end up being deleted, but que sera, sera. Who knows — maybe it’ll turn around by the end of the month.

The first diverse book review will be of Roxane Gay’s “Difficult Women,” which was the February-March pick for OEOM.

Hope you’ll all tune in! Maybe you’ll find a title that catches your eye.

As always, happy reading.


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