Camp NaNoWriMo Unofficial Pep Talk: April 2017, Week One

*Throws confetti in your face*



Welcome, fellow writers!

You’re probably feeling a lot of feelings right now. A little fear. A little confusion. Tons of excitement (hopefully).

Or maybe not. Maybe you have no idea what you’re going to write this month, so it’s hard for you to get excited. Or maybe you’re more afraid than anything else.

But you’re gonna try anyway, and that makes you a badass.

If you’ve done this before, you know that the excitement will probably wear off pretty fast. And if you’re new to this, well… prepare yourself. Doesn’t matter if you love what you’re writing; chances are, after the first week or two you’re gonna start tiring out. Writing is hard.

Keep in mind though: This is only a rough draft.

Focus on that word: ROUGH. Stare at it until it imprints itself in your mind’s eye and starts to look like a fake word.

Your novel/story/memoir/script/whatever-you-are-writing is allowed to be one big, hot mess. When you start thinking to yourself, “Holy shit, what have I gotten myself into? I can’t do this!” STOP THAT! Right this instant. Remind yourself that, as you write the rough draft, you are like a toddler with playdough. Whatever you make is gonna be a disaster. The trick is not to care. You gotta have fun with it. Mix all the colors together until you get a gross black-and-brown ball of poop. Get some of it stuck in your hair. Shove it up your nose. Eat it.

(Don’t eat it.)

Then when the month is over you can return to being a professional adult and clean up after yourself.

Because, oh-hooo, if you thought you’d be done and ready to publish on May 1, you are wrong-o. After that comes editing. And editing is about 5490384905 times more grueling than the writing part.

But that is thirty whole days away. Don’t even think about worrying about it right now.

In the meantime, have fun.

Write on!

(If you want to find me on the Camp NaNo website, just search for Lee Ann K. If you need a cabin, feel free to ask me for an invite! :D)


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