Camp NaNoWriMo Unofficial Pep Talk: April 2017, Week Two

Hey, Campers! Welcome to Week 2. Sorry I’m a day late in writing this. And sorry too that I’m gonna keep this pep talk short because I fell behind my word count over the weekend. Yikes.

There are four weeks (and then some) in April, so I like to think of Week 1 as the “Freshman Fire” and Week 2 as the “Sophomore Slump.”

In the first week you’re overexcited and eager to get to work. The words typically come easy, because the idea is still fresh and novel in your mind and you can’t wait to dive into your characters’ lives.

But then Week 2 rolls around. Suddenly you’re just burned out, tired, and frustrated. You become disillusioned with your work and start believing that it sucks. You question whether you should give up, seriously consider doing so even though you may be 10,000+ words into it already.

Don’t give up! Keep going.

Here’s the thing: Whether this is a story you’ve been planning to write for some time, or whether it was something you just came up with two days before Camp NaNo started, you’re going to face this slump. If you’re ever going to finish your work and/or see it published, you must persist.

For a few tips about getting over this slump, see my post about overcoming a creative block.


See you next week.


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